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Sunday, 1 June 2014

three shapes

these are five of Geoff Giles' line symmetry puzzles (once upon a time available from DIME materials)

find all the ways you can find to fit the three shapes together so that there is at least one line of symmetry for the overall outline of the combined shape

you can start off with a rule that edges must meet whole edges and then maybe relax this rule later so that half edges meet

(1) many thanks to Puntmat I now know there are 13 solutions to this, with  19 if half square meeting is allowed

 (2) 10 solutions (again, thanks to Puntmat for their contribution)

(3) 5 solutions 

(4) 4 solutions

(5) 9 solutions (8 different outlines)

where does the yellow rectangle need to be placed?

these are Puntmat's 13 solutions for puzzle (1)

many thanks to them for their and their student's fine work in finding so many solutions!

and another 6 if you allow 'half square' joins

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